Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Steering committee of NAFSO

Steering committee of NAFSO met for the month of March.  Committee meets monthly to evaluate previous work of district organizations and commonly fulfilled, discuss and organize future work. 
As a routine,analysis of political situation of the ground level in the country condut as first item of the ajenda. 
Today, committee discussed the situation of illegal fishing practices and government response over the requests of small scale fishing communities and civil organizations who are working for sustainable fisheries sector.  
About 15 participants were participated to the meeting. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Regional Committee in galle on 6th March

Galle district fisheries organization conducted the regional committee. About 20 persons were participated to the meeting. 
Issues related to fisheries sector, majorly destructive fishing practices and lack of political support for stopping illegal fishing methods and practices were discussed. 
Apart from that, participants were educated on women federation building  process by Mr. Priyankara Costha. 

After the committee meeting a media briefing was conducted on rising of destructive fishing practices around the country again. 
Several activists who are leading the struggle against destructive fishing practices were expressed their views to the media.